Quick stats: Halftime Spurs vs. Nets


It’s halftime in New Jersey, and the San Antonio Spurs are leading the New Jersey Nets 55-40 and

getting it done in the paint and with some hot shooting. San Antonio is shooting a scorching 61.5% from the field while dominating New Jersey in the paint.

Here are some quick stats from the first half of action:

Leading scorers:

Spurs — Tony Parker, 10 points
Nets — Deron Williams, 15 points

Leading Rebounders:

Spurs — Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard with 6 rebounds
Nets — Kris Humphries, 4 rebounds


Spurs —  Duncan with 4 assists
Nets — Deron Williams, Jordan Farmar with 6 assists

Points in the paint:

Spurs — 28
Assists –12

Second Chance Points:

Spurs — 4 points
Nets — 9 points

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