Q&A with News 4 WOAI’s Humberto Cervera


With the NBA free-agency period underway, San Antonio Spurs’ forward, Richard Jefferson, made news when he decided to opt out of his final contract year which would have paid him a guaranteed $15.2 million dollars.

Now with Jefferson being a free-agent, I turned to San Antonio’s News 4 WOAI’s sports reporter, Humberto “Humbie” Cervera, to get his views on Jefferson opting out and the other Spurs’ free-agents.

(JEFF) You first reaction when you heard the news Richard Jefferson opted out of his final contract year which would have paid him a guaranteed 15.2 million dollars.

(HUMBIE) I was very excited that it was going down, then after doing a little research I saw it wouldn’t give the Spurs cap space. So it would’ve been better to see him stay and get traded instead.

Do you think his decision to opt out was partly due to his mediocre performance in his first season with the Spurs?

It’s just like anything else in the league, it’s all about the money. He thinks he can make more with a multi-year deal than the last $15 mil he has left.

Jefferson is a free-agent now and can sign with another team. Should the Spurs re-sign him to avoid him going to a power team in the NBA which could haunt the Spurs later?

If they resign him it won’t be to keep him from somewhere else. They’ll do it because they feel he’s the best fit for them in their situation OR they have a trade set up.

If the Spurs do re-sign him, don’t you think his true value will be measured next season after having a complete season under his belt with the Spurs’ system?

I think we’ve seen his true value in this system already. I don’t think next year will bring a lot of surprises out of his game in a Spurs’ uni.

Should the Spurs re-sign Jefferson and if they do, is that a sign of a sign-and-trade in the works?

If there is a sign and trade deal in place then the Spurs should do it. If this is what they’re trying to do… I have no idea. This summer has been crazy from them and I don’t even want to begin to make predictions of what they’re doing.

Your thoughts on the other Spurs’ free agents — Roger Mason, Ian Mahinmi, Keith Bogans, and Matt Bonner. Who will be returning?

I’m thinking its just going to be Matt Bonner. The shooting 4 position has been very important to the Spurs’ success and Bonner is the best they can get with their limited resources.

Thanks to Humbie for taking time to be a part of this Q&A. Check out his blog and catch him, along with a familiar face here at Project Spurs, on the latest WOAI Sports Roundtable.