Q&A with Spurs’ Nando De Colo: Talking confidence, possible rap album, and more


Last night the San Antonio Spurs beat the Atlanta Hawks (101-99) to go 2-0 in the preseason thanks to rookie guard Nando De Colo. With secondsvia: timesunion.com left, and the game tied, De Colo nailed a shot to secure the win which had many of his teammates mobbing him near mid-court once the game was over.

Project Spurs caught up with the hero of the game where he spoke on his confidence at making it to the NBA, being compared to Manu Ginobili, whether he will be releasing a rap album, and much more.
Jeff: How confident were you that you were going to one day be in the NBA?
Nando: Yeah I think after I was drafted by the Spurs, I had three years to workout, to get experience in Europe, in (Spanish team) Valencia and continue to do what I can do on the court. The Spurs were always behind me, to explain to me what I must do. You know, some details and I did it, I'm here.  I will continue to work, to learn some NBA details and to learn how the Spurs play. It will be good.
How does it feel to know your teammate, Stephen Jackson, compares you to Manu Ginobili?
(gasps) Yeah, yeah maybe it's just one game for the moment. I must respect what the team wants, be in the system, and after, we will see step-by-step. Just I will play my game. I think the coaches know what I can do on the court. I will do what I do.
But I am sure it made you feel good when Jackson said that about you.
It's great, its great. Of course it's something special but now I will stay focused on my job and what I need to do.
You have a nice advantage having French teammates Tony Parker and Boris Diaw, who you played with for France. What have they told you about playing for the Spurs and in the NBA?
Just to play my game. I'm on a good team. Everybody here is to help me about the game. I'm great!
What do you think about the upcoming season?
I think it will be a tough season.
Some of your teammates like DeJuan Blair, Tony Parker and Stephen Jackson have put out rap albums. Any chance you will be doing the same?
(laughs) No! Maybe say 'hello' in one video but nothing more. I don't know if I can sing. So for the moment no, but we never know!