Projectspurs Power Rankings Top 5 In The West


1.  Lakers — This team is heads above the rest in the West.  At 12-1, the Lakers show a nice balance of offensive power and getting help from Gasol, Odom, and Ariza.  Their transition defense is suspect.
2.  Suns — Even though Steve Nash isn’t putting up the numbers like he used to when the Suns were run and gun, the Suns have played well under Porter’s half-court approach.  And even at the wind down of Shaq’s career, he is still contributing on both sides of the court.
3.  Nuggets — The Nuggets trade for Billups is working fine for this club but without AI, Carmelo has yet to take the leadership role while his field goal percentage is low.  
4.  Rockets — Injuries, injuries, injuries.  T-Mac’s knee is not letting him be explosive but Yao has stepped it up lately including outperforming Dwight Howard in a recent win over the Magic.
5.  Jazz — You would think losing Boozer and D. Williams would have set this team backwards but the supporting cast remained competitive.  Miles, Price and Brewer have stepped up but with Deron back, the Jazz should be climbing the power rankings fast.

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