Project Spurs Top 5 Teams in the Western Conference for March 30, 2009


A new week in the NBA means an new Power Rankings from Project Spurs.  Oh and to the last person who commented about the Spurs ranking on the last Power Rankings, I told you so!

1.  Lakers — Kind of playing up and down lately but still maintain a sizable lead in the West.  Dropped a game against the Hawks but still does not drop them in the rankings.  Sure looks like they aren’t missing Bynum.
2.  Rockets — Beat the Spurs to take the lead in the Southwest Division for a while before losing it.  They got a tough schedule (games against Jazz and Lakers) down the stretch if they want to take back the division.  How ironic it would be if they get past the first round without T-Mac.
3.  Nuggets — Memo to Nene, take anger management classes asap and ease up on getting in the ref’s face.  This team needs your toughness in the paint if they want to contend in the West.  Also they are barely hanging on to the lead in the Northwest Division.
4.  Jazz — Road games, road game, road games.  This team has to learn to win on the road — 1-14 on the road against playoff bound teams.  
5.  Spurs — Manu is back but will need more time to get back into game rhythm.  Also hey Pop, might want to play Gooden more often if you expect him to contribute come playoff time. Oh and they beat the Clippers. . . . WHOOP DEE DOO!  This team blew leads against the Celts, Thunder, Rockets, and recently lost to a Hornets team without Peja, Chandler, and Posey!  Can you say this team has no heart?