Project Spurs Top 5 Teams in the Western Conference for Feb. 23, 2009


1.  Lakers — Even without Bynum, this team continues to rack up the wins, though they did get a scare against the Wolves, and drop a game against the Jazz.  This team has depth and only one team can stop them……..the Spurs.

2.  Spurs — Losing Ginobilli is going to hurt and may cost them the number 2 spot in the West.  Losing to the Knicks did not help their cause to over take the Lakers in the West.  Will it be the familiar excuse Spurs fans love to use, “We didn’t have a healthy Manu!”  Can you hear the sirens of the WHAAmbulance coming from Spurs nation? 
3.  Nuggets — The injury to Nene was a scare for this team and Martin out with back spasms should worry Nuggets fans.  This team does not have big men to be a legit challenger in the West.
4.  Blazers — Is it just me or did you all feel Rudy got robbed in the Slam Dunk Contest?  Anyway this team keeps plugging along.  After seeing NBA bust Greg Oden aka Sam Bowie 2.0 go down with yet ANOTHER injury, this team still picks up wins.  Rudy and Roy been playing nice and Pryzbilla is much more effective for the Blazers than Greg “Fragile” Oden.
5.  Jazz — They went 3-0 this past week and beat the Lakers.  With Boozer and AK 47 coming back soon this team might scare some teams out West.  D. Will been playing spectacular of late.