Project Spurs Top 5 Teams in the Western Conference for Dec. 15, 2008


With a new week in the NBA it’s time to reassess the top 5 teams in the West.

1.  Lakers — There is some concern if you are a Laker fan.  Their defense has been absent lately and they lost to the Kings!  Still good to see they are getting help from Ariza who has been a surprise for the team.
2.  Spurs — A 6 game winning streak including another instant classic win over the Mavs.  But if you look at the teams they played, not all have been the upper crust of the NBA. 
3.  Hornets — The trade for Antonio Daniels is a nice addition to the team.  They have won 8 of their last 10 games and Posey has been finally finding his stride but you have to wonder how much more can Paul carry the team.
4.  Mavs —  Won 11 of 13 games, Dirk has been putting up crazy numbers, and they are 5-1 in their current home stand.  
5.  Nuggets — Look at their upcoming schedule, it’s brutal.  All against the better teams of the NBA.  The trade for Billups still paying off as they are 15-4 since his arrival.