Project Spurs Exclusive: Interview with Nando de Colo


In the 2009 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs drafted Nando de Colo with the 53rd pick out of France.

Since then Spurs fans have not heard much about de Colo but Spurs GM R.C. Buford has called him the best French point guard currently in France and Spurs fans are hoping to see him put on a Spurs jersey soon.

While I was at the 2010 World Basketball Festival in Rucker Park in Harlem, the French national team held an open practice and I caught up with de Colo to ask him a few question about the French national team, what aspects of his game the Spurs told him to work on and much more.

First, check out some video of de Colo practicing with a familiar face to Spurs fans.

Here is the Project Spurs exclusive interview with de Colo.