Preseason Power Rankings


1. Spurs
Defending champions, brought the core of the team back. Expected to be the year they could finally repeat.
2. Celtics
KG, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce will be good come playoff time, especially in Eastern Conference
3. Suns
As always the Suns will be one of the best in the NBA during regular season. But is this the year they make it to the finals?
4. Rockets
Houston made the most improvement in the West during the off-season by acquiring Steve Francis, Mike James, Aaron Brooks and Luis Scola. But can they get out of the first round this year? Or will it be another heartbreaker.
5. Mavericks
Dallas is coming off the most embarrassing playoff exit in NBA history. How will they respond this season with basically the same core group coming back.
6. Pistons
Detroit is coming off a premature exit from the Playoffs according to most Pistons fans. They should have another good year and get back at least to the Eastern Conference Finals.
7. Cavaliers
They rode the back of LeBon James to the Finals last year, but made no changes to help LeBron this summer. The question is can LeBron and his new found Jump Shot carry the Cavs back to the Finals?
8. Nuggets
This will be one of the most interesting questions of the NBA: How do A.I. and ‘Melo play a full season together after their warmup of half a season last year. If its as good as many people including me believe, they will be better than this eight slot.
9. Bulls
The Bulls had a very impressive season last year as a very young team looking like they had the seeds planted to become a serious contender in the East. With all the possible Kobe Bryant trade talks and different players being mentioned to be on the trading block, lets see how they keep it together.
10. Warriors
Once they got their full team together last year, they played like a Top-5 team in the NBA, showing as they did knock off the supposed best team in the NBA in the Mavericks. If they can stay healthy this year they should be able to compete for a top 4 seed in the Western Conference.
Rankings 11-30
11. Jazz
12. Raptors
14. Nets
15. Magic
16. Hornets
17. Bucks
18. Bobcats
19. Lakers
20. Heat
22. SuperSonics
23. Trail Blazers
24. Knicks
25. Kings
26. Hawks
27. 76ers
28. Clippers
29. Pacers
30. Timberwolves

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