Pre-game chat with Rockets’ Scola


Before tonight’s tipoff between the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets, I had a chance to speak to Rockets’ Luis Scola to get a few thoughts on tonight’s matchup and if playing against the team that drafted him still adds any extra motivation.

Jeff: Playing against the team that drafted you in 2002, does playing against the Spurs still add any extra motivation?

Luis: No that happened a long time ago. We’re playing against a great team at their home, it’s a great court to play and it’s always a fun game to play. I think that every game that goes by, the less it has to do with being drafted and traded. (sic).

What is the key for the Rockets to come out of San Antonio with a win?

Just play a solid game. This is a very solid team, they really know how to play. So if you want to play any other way that is not solid, they’re going to punish you. Just play a solid game, stay in the game. It’s a tough place to play but if we play solid we have a chance. (sic).

Come back tomorrow for the complete interview with Scola.