Post Game Blog — Game 4 — Warning, explicit rant coming at you……


Ok what the fuck is going on with the San Antonio Pussies?
Is this the best they can do? Hey Spurs players, please remove the shrink wrap from your balls and play like you got a pair!!!!!!!!!!!
You got out-worked, out-hustled, and out-played by an 8th seeded team. i know, I know this isn’t a typical 8th seed but come on… some intensity! Show something besides your vaginas!
The Kings are playing with more passion and frankly, they want to win this series more than the SA Pussies!
Outrebounded again and you got your asses kicked. Good for you. Personally I hope when the Kings do win the series, you guys bend-over and take the 2005 trophy and shove it in your asses b/c you guys play like shit!
What is it going to take to wake you guys up? This is the damn playoffs! Can’t you get this through your heads?
–Jeff Garcia
Co-Host Spurscast

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