Popovich says how Spurs should handle Finals loss


Since squandering a shot at capturing title No. 5, the San Antonio Spurs have collectively been kicking themselves over the summer.

From Gregg Popovich, Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili, the loss to the Heat has been weighing on the team's collective mind but with the new season inching closer, it will be time to put the disappointment behind.

And leave it to Popovich to sum up exactly what the Spurs need to show after the disappointing Finals loss.

Via usafa.af.mil

"If a loss in a certain situation or a tough break in life occurs, a real measure of that individual is how he or she moves on from it," he said.

Well said Pop. Well said.

The Spurs (and fans) need to put the Finals loss behind them. The team remained largely in tact and should make another deep postseason run but it begins with putting the pat in the past and focusing on the future.