Popovich on Splitter


With all eyes on San Antonio Spurs’ rookie center Tiago Splitter, he comes into the NBA with some expectations. Especially from Spurs fans who have been yearning for a legitimate center to play along with Tim Duncan.

However, do not expect Splitter to be the team’s leading scorer according to Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich:

He’ll have a great NBA career, but it will (not) be our leading scorer or something. Go grab rebounds, defend, running the court, make good decisions and do well with the community.  It will not be our ball security – said the coach.

Tiago is a very solid player. It is a professional, ready, and Manu Ginobili was when it came to the NBA. He has been through a lot, played against great players in adverse situations. Of course it will have to adjust to some different rules. The game in Europe is much more physical than here – the coach explained.

Splitter will get his numbers and will most likely average a low double-double or close to it. Also, with players such as Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, there would not be enough touches for Splitter to put up consistent high-scoring nights.