Pop weighs in on vacant Team USA coaching spot


In the aftermath of the 2004 Olympic catastrophe, most people believed that San Antonio Spurs' Gregg Popovich’s chance of coaching the USA Olympic Team was bleak at best.  Then today comes the news Popovich could be among the possible candidates who might replace Coach Mike Krzyzewski as the coach of the USA Olympic Men’s Basketball team.

Team USA's Craig Miller also stated Pop was an obvious candidate for the team at the 2016 Olympics.


Looking at the San Antonio roster, over his tenure as a head coach, he has shown an ability to manage personalities/egos of players like Stephen Jackson, Damon Stoudemire, Nick Van Exel and have them mesh well and fall in line with the organization’s philosophy.    

The list of previous USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Head Coaches reads like a who’s who of the coaching fraternity from Pete Newell  to John Thompson and Bob Knight to Krzyzewski.

Of the previous coaches, Popovich reminds me of Chuck Daly.  Both were not flashy or carried a large amount of recognition with non-basketball people.  Both played it close to the vest with the media, but away from the cameras, they have a great humorous side.  

Both of their teams have been consistently good on the offensive end, but hung their hat on their defensive prowess.  Popovich’s teams were not as widely vilified as “the Bad Boys” but neither team was a big fan in the NBA offices in New York.

Even Pop weighed in on the coaching spot for the US Basketball squad.

“Anybody would feel honored to have their name mentioned as far as the Olympic movement is concerned,” he said. “There are a lot of people who can fill that role. That goes without saying. Anybody would feel humbled and honored to even be talked about in that regard.”

There is no posturing or political correctness in his statement.  He would do a great job in the position but I don’t see him losing too much sleep if he doesn’t get the job.

(H/T Spurs Nation)