Spurscast awarded with 5-Star rating


Podspider, one of the largest podcast directories, recently reviews the Spurscast and has honored us with thier 5-star Podcast Award. Following is an excerpt from an email from Podspider:

Congratulations Podcaster!
Your podcast
“The Spurscast”
has just received the 5-STAR-AWARD from Podspider!
With over 20,000 entries, the Podspider Directory is one of the world’s largest podcast database. The Podspider Portal combines this comprehensive resource with a powerful search machine that makes it easy for podcasts like yours to take their place on the world stage and be heard. Best of all, listing your podcasts in the Podspider Directory is free.
We’ve reviewed your podcast submission
“The Spurscast”
and approved it for listing in the Podspider Directory. But that’s not all. We constantly review new and existing listings in the Podspider Directory to help identify podcasts that stand out in the crowd. Based on our review, we’ve decided to confer your podcast with the
The criterias for the award are continuity and technical operativeness as a guide for podcast listeners.