Pick 37 — DeJuan Blair


blair.jpgWe had lots of discussion during the draft about just how far DeJuan Blair would drop, and the closer we got the the 37th pick, the more nervous we got. At long last, San Antonio finally had a pick, and we snagged him.

College: Pittsburgh
Position: PF
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 265

Perhaps the greatest reason for how far Blair dropped is injury concerns. He also needs to get into better shape, and has a jump shot that needs work. But as NBADraft.net states,

Powerful post player with tremendous rebounding ability … Uses his wide
base, long arms and soft hands to inhale every rebound in his area …
Has a true NBA skill, rebounding … Particularly dangerous on the
offensive glass (averaged an astounding 5.6 offensive boards per game
in his sophomore year).

Rebounding is one of the biggest areas San Antonio needs to improve on. If Blair can come in and rebound anything like Rodman once did, he will be valuable to us. Unfortunately, with concerns about injuries and being out of shape, don’t be surprised if he spends a year or two with the Toros.

But Blair loves the game, and it’s always good to have someone on your team who is passionate about the game. That’s a great indication he’s going to put in a lot of work to improve, and the chance to work with Duncan can’t hurt.