Photo: Spurs 1998 Championship T-shirt does exist


In case you missed it but a while back Project Spurs' Michael De Leon wrote on how the NBA online store was selling San Antonio Spurs 1998 NBA Championship t-shirts. Needless to say, the Spurs won their first title in 1999 and not 1998.

Since then, the link to the erroneous shirt has been taken down but to add insult to injury, the NBA store actually sent one to our good friend Jason Minnix of 1250 ESPN's "The Blitz" after he purchased it.

Jason and I were a bit surprised the NBA sent him the shirt or perhaps they might have corrected the error. Instead, he has in his hands a nice collectors item and "proof" the Spurs won five titles including the closest the Spurs came to winning "back-to-back titles" in '98 and '99.

Check out the photo.

(photo via Jason Minnix)