Photo: Patty Mills looking to stay in shape during offseason


Patty Mills didn't have an eventful season last year with Cory Joseph's rise into the rotation and an infection between his toes halted any possibility to play in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat.

With Mills exercising his option to stay with the San Antonio Spurs one more season, he doesn't seem to be walking into next season with the third point guard spot in mind. From his latest tweet from a Nike campus, he looks like he's training to fight for a spot into the rotation next season.

Check out the picture he tweeted below.

Mills has been a player that's been known for his energy, so being relegated to the last spot in the point guard slot seems to not have gotten him down. With him staying with the team at a huge bargain, Mills might be ready to contribute in a big way for San Antonio on his upcoming contract year and he seems ready for the challenge.

Do you think he'll have a big role in the upcoming season Spurs fans?