Perkins to talk to Spurs’ Jackson on Ibaka comment


San Antonio Spurs' Stephen Jackson was reprimanded by the NBA and the Spurs for his comment on Twitter regarding Thunder's Serge Ibaka. Needless to say, Jackson apologized but it wasn't enough.

And though his wallet will be a little lighter, it seems his friend and Ibaka's Thunder teammate, Kendrick Perkins, will have some words for Jackson.

In a tweet via Darnell Mayberry, Perkins is to speak with Jackson on his comments.


Perkins and Jackson both are from Texas and are close friends but also have been involved in prior incidents before. Recall both Perkins and Jackson (when with the Bucks) were involved in a fracas at a Texas bar in 2011.

I am sure this is just going to be one friend talking to another friend about Jackson's comments. Telling him to relax and thik before he speaks. Any friend would try to give advice to their friend if they were to get into some hot water. As they say, that's what friends are for.

However, this incident, coupled with last season's Western Conference Finals series between the two teams, will make their upcoming clash later this month much more interesting to watch.