Perkins sums up the difference between Bynum, Duncan quite succinctly


Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins has defended two of the better big men during OKC’s playoff run – Lakers’ Andrew Bynum and San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan. 

So after defending Bynum and Duncan, Perkins would be the best to compare the differences between the two bigs and Perk gets right down to the point – Duncan is a smarter player.

Perk was asked what the difference is between defending Tim Duncan and Andrew Bynum. “Well, Duncan is smart,” he said.

Ouch Perk but then again, it was kind of an obvious observation.

There is no doubt Bynum is one of the best big man in the league when he has his head on straight but when he isn’t focused, he is nothing but a head-ache for L.A. From taking unnecessary three-point shots which leads to him getting benched, committing hard-fouls on players which lead to his suspension to admitting he isn’t into games at all. It’s safe to say Bynum’s overall basketball I.Q. isn’t very high and still has some maturing to do.

But that’s not the case for Duncan.

Duncan’s basketball I.Q. is off-the-charts and plays within the team concept since his first game in the NBA. Rarely, if not never, has Duncan done anything like Bynum has done in his NBA career. If TD hits a player, it’s mostly inadvertent and he’s quick to make sure the player is not hurt, he is always ready to play each game, and shown a maturity that every NBA player should emulate – something Bynum should learn.

However, when Duncan does attempt the rare three-point shot, at least he makes them when it counts.