Lorbek’s agent: No negotiations allowed with Spurs until July 1


As Slovenian big man Erazem Lorbek (draft rights acquired from Indiana Pacers to San Antonio SpursEL in 2011) recently stated, him signing with the Spurs was not a lock, and he had two other options in free agency. Now word has come from his agent that no negotiations can begin with the Spurs until July 1.

HoopsHype.com spoke with Lorbek’s agent three days ago, and here’s what his agent Maurizio Balducci had to say of Lorbek’s situation with the Spurs.

“The scenario is still not clear because his season came to an end just five days ago, so we cannot have a clear picture so far,” Balducci said. “We are not allowed to negotiate with the NBA till July 1, so we have to wait.”

Balducci said that they are staying in touch with FCB Regal, who Lorbek just won the 2012 Liga Title with as well as San Antonio. This quote from Lorbek’s agent now makes Lorbek’s chances of coming to San Antonio a little bit more interesting.

For one, now that we know he can’t negotiate with San Antonio until July 1, when NBA free agency talks also begin, that may set back Lorbek in the free agency priority list for the Spurs (if they have one). One would highly assume that the Spurs will first talk to unrestricted free agents Tim Duncan and Boris Diaw first, then restricted free agent Danny Green, and possibly Patty Mills if he opts out of his contract on June 25.

Now comes the question, if the Spurs focus on those said free agents above first, then when they’re done with those negotiations, will they have a contract attractive to Lorbek, or will they also have some other NBA free agents on their priority list before Lorbek?

This is all just my perspective of Lorbek’s situation, and his agent did tell Hoops Hype that the Spurs are an attractive option because they run a European style of offense, but now that they can’t discuss any negotiations until July 1, bringing Lorbek across the pond looks to have a new obstacle.