PBR Velocity Tour Live Stream Details – Bluff City Classic

PBR Velocity Tour Live Stream Details Bluff City Classic

Mason Moody is back in action and looking for his second win on the Pendleton Velocity Tour this season on Saturday in Memphis. Watch the Bluff City Classic live from Tennessee as the rest of the field attempts to gain ground on points-leader Josh Frost who isn’t participating in the event. Fans can watch the action for free on Pluto TV with PBR Ride Pass.

PBR Velocity Tour Live Stream Details: Bluff City Classic

  • When: Saturday, February 18, 2023
  • Start Time: 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT
  • Location: FedEx Forum – Memphis, Tennessee
  • PBR Velocity Tour Live Stream: PBR Ride Pass on Pluto TV (FREE)

How to Watch the PBR Velocity Tour Live for Free

Unlike other sports that can cost hundreds of dollars just to watch from home, the PBR Velocity Tour is free on Pluto TV. To watch the PBR on Pluto TV, just go to the service and search “Ride Pass” to watch the Bluff City Classic live. Pluto TV can be accessed via a web browser or with the service’s app, available on your favorite platforms like Xbox / Playstation, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and your mobile device.

Bluff City Classic Preview

A number of Top 50 riders are in action this weekend in Memphis, led by ninth-ranked Mason Moody. Nearly 160 points behind the leader Josh Frost, he is coming off of a victory at Palm Springs last weekend. It was his fourth placing finish on the season and certainly, the boost he needed, worth 124 points.

In the standings, Moody passed over Elijah Mora (#16) and Hunter Ball (#23) among others who enter the arena on Saturday night. A truncated event compared to the typical two-day event affairs, there is little room for error from the riders to score. Things get started with Round 1 competition across five sections before the top riders advance to compete in the final.

Bluff City Classic Riders Daysheet

Round 1
Section 1
RiderBullScoreAggregate Score
Brandon DavisBootlegger0-
João Henrique LucasQuick Trigger0-
Brandon ChambersPolitical Cowboy0-
Bill HenryRenegade0-
Beau CaplingerBlack Jack0-
Dakota WarnkenEarl The Pearl0-
Devan MealingHuckleberry0-
Marcelo De Souza Dias JuniorRustic Pearl0-
Section 2
RiderBullScoreAggregate Score
Hunter BallGT- 54H0-
Brylee SmithSoul King0-
Carlos GarciaMarty0-
Jason LandingBig Cannon0-
Quentin VaughtLapua0-
Randy WhitenerCrossin' The Delta Line0-
Devin HutchinsonDiamond in the Ruff0-
Kyle JonesMind Hunter0-
Section 3
RiderBullScoreAggregate Score
Mason MoodyDoze You Down0-
Dustin HermanRicky Vaughn0-
Cody CasperFlapjack0-
Justin BatesSucker Punch0-
Jake MorinecTurner Burner0-
Keith HallErik The Red0-
Jake GoodsonFastfire0-
Section 4
RiderBullScoreAggregate Score
Dakota EagleburgerRoc Wit It0-
Jeffrey RamagosKnuckle Head0-
Storm HowardRidin' Salty0-
Elijah MoraBuster Brown0-
Kade AlbertyCowboy0-
Jared AvinaDan Post0-
Section 5
RiderBullScoreAggregate Score
Caleb CantrellSnuggles0-
Cameron DelanoCoco0-
Nick GoncalvesDiablo0-
Ricky AguiarBulletin0-
Zane CookAmerican Valor0-
Dylan SmithHey Bear0-
Championship Round
RiderBullScoreAggregate Score
TBDMr. Right Now--
TBDLose Cannon--
TBDGet Western--
TBDSicilian Kiss--
TBDSpotted Rust--
TBDMy Bad--
TBDHunted Down--

2023 Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour Standings

PlaceRiderCountryPointsPoints Behind LeaderEarningsEventsWinsRidesBuckoffs
1Josh FrostUSA369.50$28,28861122
2Grayson ColeUSA295.5-74$16,99482612
3Flavio ZivieriBRA289-80.5$16,6825193
4Aaron WilliamsUSA249.5-120$12,81691611
5Austin RichardsonUSA241-128.5$12,4905166
6Dawson BrantonUSA225.5-144$11,3996176
7Jake MorinecUSA218-151.5$11,2746186
8Claudio Montanha Jr.BRA213.5-156$6,2201101012
9Mason MoodyUSA211-158.5$11,000101612
10Casey CoulterUSA191-178.5$8,6405175
11Conner HalversonUSA178-191.5$11,4168139
12Bill HenryUSA174-195.5$9,80790411
13Griffin SmeltzerCAN172-197.5$7,782121717
14Ray MayoUSA171.5-198$10,3437157
15Afonso QuintinoBRA168-201.5$6,2877068
16Elijah MoraUSA161.5-208$12,334110812
17Alex MarcilioBRA148.5-221$6,5003132
18Carlos GarciaUSA147.5-222$4,0205068
19Chase WimerUSA142-227.5$3,8705055
20Cole FischerUSA140-229.5$16,3331130
21Chase DoughertyUSA132.5-237$20,2452141
22Dalton KaselUSA132-237.5$7,1501120
23Hunter BallUSA131.66-237.84$4,11770610
24Michael LaneUSA130-239.5$3,60060510
25Junio QuaresimaBRA121.66-247.84$2,17990711
26Ednélio AlmeidaBRA120-249.5$5,8762040
27Brandon DavisUSA118.5-251$4,8006058
28Tyler ManorUSA118-251.5$7,8015045
29Cody CoverchukCAN116.5-253$6,5504182
30Kyle JonesUSA114-255.5$5,10090312
31Cody HeffernanAUS113-256.5$10,4054253
32Mauricio Gulla MoreiraBRA111.5-258$5,4003124
33Taylor AllenUSA109-260.5$6,3202121
34Leonardo LimaBRA108.5-261$7,400120514
35Dalton RudmanUSA108-261.5$5,3337039
35Marcelo Procopio PereiraBRA108-261.5$7,0185054
37Ramon de LimaBRA105-264.5$2,6904055
38Josh SteppUSA101-268.5$4,3004035
39Brennon EldredUSA99.5-270$6,1531120
40Alvaro Alvarez AguilarMEX96-273.5$4,5503032
41Dakota EagleburgerUSA94.5-275$1,755100613
42Elizmar Souza JeremiahsUSA91-278.5$5,3675054
43João Ricardo VieiraBRA86.5-283$5,2683142
44Keith HallUSA85.5-284$4,043110416
44Justin EthridgeUSA85.5-284$1,49080511
46Dylan SmithUSA82-287.5$2,5005036
47Luciano De CastroBRA81-288.5$11,6651021
48Weston DavidsonCAN76.5-293$3,403100615
49Matt AllgoodUSA74.5-295$1,9266059
50Lachlan RichardsonAUS73.5-296$6,4976148


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