Paul calls blunder against Spurs his ‘worst mistake ever’


The San Antonio Spurs have seen a lot of Chris Paul over the years, so it’s only natural for Spurs fans to dislike him. Probably not in a personal sense, just as a rival, but after his little mistake during the Clippers’ game against the Spurs on Saturday, Spurs fans can give Paul a little bit of thanks.

Paul’s mental mistake that literally tossed away a surefire win into the hands of Gary Neal was such an uncharacteristic play for the all-star point guard that it was hard to believe what had happened. After the loss in overtime, Paul just sat in the locker room, stunned.

“That’s probably the worst play I’ve been a part of since I’ve been in the NBA,” Paul said. “It was totally my fault… Me, of all people. It hurts to know I put us in that situation.”

I wouldn’t have predicted the mistake in that game to be made by him (of all people) either. Just watching that play over and over, it seems like it was just fate for the Clippers to lose that game. Chris Paul doesn’t make mistakes like that, he just doesn’t.

That loss was especially tough for the Clippers, who were trying to climb to the top of the Western Conference and erase an entire team history of being losers. That win against the Spurs would have meant so much to their team, their confidence and probably set a strong course for the rest of their season.

If they want to get back on the winning track, the team and Paul will have to move on. Paul sounds like he’s ready to do that.

“I pride myself on execution,” he said. “I don’t think it’ll ever happen again.”