Pau wants to get inside


7-footers belong down low, right? It only makes sense. Well tell that to former San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Mike Brown.

In Brown’s new offense with the Los Angeles Lakers, Gasol finds himself outside of the lane a lot of the time, sometimes all the way out near the 3-point line. After years of playing in Phil Jackon’s triangle offense, this is a tough adjustment for Gasol.

“I would like to get a little more inside, myself,” Gasol said after scoring only eight points in a 98-96 loss to the Indiana Pacers a few weeks ago. “I always like to have different looks and be able to attack from different angles, and in the second half I didn’t have one chance to attack from the post.”

Even though Gasol had a season-high 10 assists in that game and helped his teammates score, he’s still sad he’s not getting as many shots as he normally does. That’s the unselfish Pau Gasol we all know and love!

Since that game against the Pacers, Gasol has been able to raise his scoring average a little bit, but it’s still not where he wants it. He dropped 25 points in a win against the Celtics last night, so maybe that will get him back on track, but I won’t count on it just yet.