Patty Mills isn't greedy about minutes with Spurs


At the 2012 Olympic Games, San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills showed the type of offensive firepower he can bring to the Spurs next season. At London, he averaged 21.2 points (most among players at London), nailed a game-winning shot versus Russia, and showcased an all-around game which could prove beneficial for San Antonio next season.

But after an excellent run in London, one could see Mills expect much more time off the bench but that would be far from the truth. Mills is exercising great patience and isn't expecting more minutes on the court for the Spurs.

"I'm not getting too greedy about minutes just yet, just go with the flow, pick up things as you go and I think everything else will fall into place."

Though Mills may be showing great patience as far as increased minutes next season, Spurs assistant coach and head coach for Team Australia, Brett Brown, has stated he expects Patty to have an increased role for the Spurs next season after his performance in London. So it wouldn't be a surprise if Mills hears his name being called by coach Gregg Popovich with more frequency to give Tony Parker a breather during the upcoming season.

And speaking if backing up Parker, Mills has embraced the role and is seeing his role as a learning experience to further develop his game.

"I see myself getting a lot better just from learning from him, so that in itself gets me excited," Mills said.

San Antonio's roster is stacked with guards which includes names such as Gary Neal, Cory Joseph, Nando De Colo, Parker and Mills. With Parker the obvious starting point guard, Mills is the logical player to back him up. Joseph is still raw, De Colo is unproven in the NBA and Neal is more of a shooting guard.

With that being said, Mills may not be saying he expects more time on the court, but it is only reasonable he should get more minutes to show the Spurs and the NBA that his performance in London was no fluke.