Patty Mills giving help back home


NBA.comPatrick "Patty" Mills isn't known too well by San Antonio Spurs fans unless you saw him in Portland as a member of the Trail Blazers or his incredible play in the Olympics last year with his Australian national team. One thing is for sure about Patty: he doesn't forget where he's come from and his fellow countrymen. He established the "Patty Mills Foundation" and his signature phrase "Game Day Bala Game Day" twitter phrase has taken the social networking site by storm with those that follow him.

Mills has helped raise $40,000 in 2011 to help those effected by natural disasters in Australia and has teamed up with Cottage By The Sea, which has this as their mission statement on their website:


Every child deserves a happy and healthy life


Empowering disadvantaged children

Primary Objective

To empower disadvantaged children by supportng them in developing their self-esteem, health and well-being.

Strategic Goals

  • to improve school attendance
  • to encourage children to be more active
  • to endorse the benefits of healthy eating habits
  • to support well-being by increasing self-esteem and confidence
  • to advocate respect for self and others
  • to reduce depression in teenagers and youth

“The children gained confidence, language skills, and learned to participate in activities independent of their families and hence fostering a feeling of self worth and being part of a new community."

Mills has shown there's more important things in life than basketball and that he has a great opportunity to help those less fortunate by being in a special position where his voice can be louder than others. This is a great cause and if you can help out, it'd be for a great mission to help children grow up to their full potential and will make our future as a whole better.

You can check out the Patty Mills Foundation and his catchy "Game Day Bala Game Day" shirts by clicking HERE.