Parker would play for France if NBA lockout occurs


According to L’Equipe, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker would head back to his home country and consider playing in France next season should an NBA lockout occur:

“If the conflict lasts, I think come play in France so that my fans see me up close, says it Sunday in Le Parisien. I could very well change in a big team Euroleague abroad, but I do not want to. I already had my glory and titles. If the lockout lasts, I will surely play in Villeurbanne.

With an NBA lockout looming after this season, many other foreign NBA players may follow suit such as Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks who is from Germany. Of course if Parker does play for France if there is an NBA lockout, should the NBA season resume midway as in 1999, then there is the issue of him suffering injury before coming back to the Spurs. 

It is tough to see both sides not coming to some sort of agreement because in the end, NBA fans suffer.