Parker working hard in the offseason


Amid rumors of being traded to the New York Knicks and this possibly being his last year in San Antonio, San Antonio Spurs’ guard Tony Parker has been working hard to improve his game as the new NBA season approaches.

Parker has been working on his shot, training with new Spurs’ assistant coach Jacque Vaughn and much more.

How is your preparation?
I’m in Los Angeles since August 1.
I train 3 hours per day according to the letter the program Spurs. From 9 to 10:30, I work on my shot with Chip Engelland. He brought a player of 2m10 to force me to pull bell. Chip is away this week and is replaced by Jacque Vaughn. Jacque joined the staff of the Spurs this summer. It will be nice working with my former teammate. In any case, during the month, I had the chance to play with different players. There was Mike Dunleavy Jr., DeJuan Blair or Brent Barry. It was very rewarding.

After one month of work, did you feel to have progressed?
When you shoot several hundred times a day for a month, there must be an improvement. At least that’s the feeling it gives me. Besides basketball, there is the physical 10:30 to 12:00. The Spurs fitness coach makes me work all body parts. It’s a job that pumps a lot of energy but very pleasant. This is the first time since my arrival in the NBA that I work as a summer. The NBA players who want to progress and come back even stronger next season, all pass through here. (source

Last season Parker’s numbers were down across the board so for Spurs fans this is great to see him working hard to come back strong for the new season beginning in a few months.