Parker willing to pay his insurance for ASVEL; Sabatini contacted Ginobili’s agent


According to the French site, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker is willing to pay for his own insurance to play with his French basketball club ASVEL.

“My desire to play ASVEL is real. Now I must see with insurance. I had good meetings lately, it’s positive. In a few days I will meet everyone and do with my lawyers if possible. I hope we can negotiate a good price. It would be an ill timing to be right after the nearly five major Euro in France (Parker, Batum, Diaw .. .)! Of course I want. If I come play in France, it will be for the minimum wage and it is I who paieraimapropre insurance. I’m not going to charge My Club and, anyway, do ASVEL could not! “

With the NBA announcing cancellations for the early part of the preseason, Parker’s only option of playing competitive basketball may be to play with ASVEL for a minimum salary.

In other Spurs news, Italian owner Claudio Sabatini is still trying to find ( a way to get Manu Ginobili and Kobe Bryant together on his ball club, Virtus Bologna.

Sabatini has had a meeting with Bryant’s agent, but he says both sides are still very far away from getting a deal done. He’s also put a call in with Ginobili’s agent, though he hasn’t heard back from him. 

“About Ginobili we are waiting for an answer by Luciano Capicchioni, player’s agent”-Sabatini


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