Parker reaffirms his desire to play for France


Let’s say I’m the owner of a small sandwich shop located in France. Then, as my small sandwich shop begins to grow, I’m offered my own “Subway” shop in the United States. I begin running the business for 10 years and then one day the Subway chain has a huge disagreement between their franchise and their icon, Jared. Jared wants more money, the franchises are upset that Jared gets unlimited Subway.

The business goes to a halt. I no longer have a job so then I move back to France to work in my own sandwich shop. As I’m getting re-acclimated with my homeland’s culture my travel agent calls me up and says, “Hey, I got a sweet deal in China! You know that one Subway owner who works in Los Angeles? He’s thinking about working in China or Turkey!”

I think for a minute and politely say, “Nope, I’m cool. I’ve got my shop here where I’m my own boss and can make as much sandwiches as I want. Once the deal is settled between Jared and Subway, I’ll move back to the states to resume my Subway career.”

Basically, this was Tony Parker’s situation over the last two days with reports about him going to play in China and Parker, basically said, “I’m cool in France. I own the team here, I’ll make the easy decision and stay here until the lockout ends.”

However, this news shouldn’t come to a surprise to most Spurs fans. If you keep up with Project Spurs, all Parker did was reaffirm his desire to play for his home country of France as he did back in April.

So file this under, “Yeah we knew this already.”

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