Parker to Knicks trade rumor resurfaces


San Antonio Spurs’ point-guard, Tony Parker, is again involved in trade rumors involving the New York Knicks.

Last month, it was reported Parker would welcome a move to the Knicks. However, Parker denied any rumblings he would welcome the move and publicly stated he wants to remain a Spur.

Well here we go again! The following is from

According to several sources, the Spurs may be downplaying trade rumors involving Tony Parker, but they are clearly ready to consider moves. The franchise committed to Manu Ginobili and have George Hill as a built-in replacement, which has made Parker expendable. But at what cost?

The Knicks would love to get a deal done before July 1 as an attention-grabber for free agents, but it might take the rights to David Lee in a sign-and-trade to get the Spurs talking. If that’s the case, it couldn’t happen until after July 1, because, as a one-year contract player, Lee can’t be signed to an extension.

Parker is an obvious target. His offensive skills, which are very close to Steve Nash (though Parker gets to the rim much better than Nash), make him a perfect fit for Mike D’Antoni’s system.

First, what else can the Knicks offer the Spurs aside from David Lee? Lee is a nice player and I been very vocal about having Lee in a Spurs uniform. Sure Lee was an All-Star last year and he is rebounding machine but don’t the Spurs already have that rebounding presence with DeJuan Blair? 

Second, with all these trade rumors involving Parker, is this a case of “where there is smoke there is fire?”  Would the Spurs move a player of Parker’s caliber for Lee and whatever scrap players the Knicks toss in?  Knicks do not have anything close to the “on-the-court” value as Parker.  And if the Spurs are “clearly ready” to listen to offers and move Parker, you also have to ask if George Hill is ready to take the reigns at point-guard from Parker? I don’t think so.