Parker on bringing Casspi to ASVEL


After news came out yesterday that San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker and his french ball club ASVEL were the team Cleveland Cavaliers forward Omri Casspi had picked to play with during the lockout, Parker himself has spoken on the acquisition of Casspi.

The article was translated from French to English using a translator tool.

It was announced Omri Casspi would be on the shelves of ASVEL. Can you tell us more?

It’s true, I spoke to Omri three days ago. He is very interested to come to France and play ASVEL. We are currently in negotiations. Omri has been proven in Europe before heading to the NBA. It is a winger with a lot of talent. He knows the European game, he played the Euroleague. Of course, Omri we leave at the end of the lockout. 

For both Parker and Casspi, this could be a great opportunity for them to play together as the NBA lockout drags on.

Remember, Casspi was a player the Spurs inquired about before the lockout started.  Now, if Parker and Casspi shine on the court together overseas, could it put pressure on the Spurs’ management to try and make another move from him when the lockout ends? We shall see.

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