Parker: Small chance will play for France, considered Hill a little brother


With the impending NBA lockout, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker has said he would consider playing for France should a lockout occur.

However, in a recent interview with, Parker said there is a very slim chance he would play for France if there is indeed a lockout due to insurance issues involved:

There is 1% chance that I play Asvel next season because the cost of insurance would be huge for the club.

Parker also continued to repeat his desire to play for San Antonio despite his remarks he made about the Spurs’ championship window the last time he spoke to the French media:

I never considered leaving. These are my journalist friends who have raised this possibility because they love to create rumors.

As for the the moves made by the Spurs and the departure of George Hill, Parker said he has confidence in the Spurs’ brain-trust and considered Hill his little brother:

Pop and RC (Buford, the Spurs general manager) did a lot of changes but I have confidence in their ability to make good choices. It was still very difficult to separate from George Hill because everyone loved him in the team. Personally, I considered him my little brother. But the NBA is a business.

I am glad to see Parker didn’t say anything inflammatory this time to the French media. As for his feelings on Hill, many Spurs fans share in Parker’s feelings. Many were stunned and perhaps still stunned by the loss of Hill. He was a fan favorite but I’m sure Spurs fans will wish him luck in Indiana.

Regardless, the additions of Kawhi Leonard, Cory Joseph, and others should keep the Spurs competitive and thier hopes for title number five still alive.


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