Parker returning to form


San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker got off to a slow start in these Olympics. Whether you want to attribute that to recovering from “injury,” wearing his stylish new goggles or just the fact that the French had to begin their Olympic campaign against Team USA, he wasn’t the TP we’re all used to.

After an 82-74 win over Lithuania, Parker looks like he’s returning to his former self. Tony scored 27 points, including seven of their last eight, and led his French teammates to victory.

“My legs felt very good today. I was able to run, penetrate, score,” said Parker.

This is a good sign for the French, who are trying to get on to the medal podium in a very tight race for the bronze medal (or maybe even the silver with the way Spain has been playing). If France is going to succeed, it’s going to be on the shoulders of their four-eyed point guard.

It’s also good news for Spurs fans. I’m not sure anyone was really worried about Parker’s ability to recover from a scratched cornea, but I guess you never really know. Tony’s court vision is what makes him one of the premiere PGs in the game, and if anything threw that off, it could be devastating for his career.

Also, there was a nice little gem in the AP report on the game. The article refers to Boris Diaw as being a member of the San Antonio Bobcats. When the Spurs acquired Diaw, did they just absorb the rest of the Bobcats’ squad along with him? I guess the Spurs picked up a few more benchwarmers.

Of course, it’s just a harmless typo, but it’s still amusing to come up with scenarios where the Spurs could be renamed the Bobcats.

Parker, Diaw and the rest of the French team take on Tunisia next in what should be an easy win.