Parker ready to take the bus like everyone else


At a press conference in France, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker spoke (via on his decision to playphoto: for his French team, ASVEL Villeurbanne, for the duration of the NBA lockout.

Reiterating it is not about the money, Parker stated he passed up on other lucrative offers.

“I do not about money, otherwise I would have gone to China or Barcelona. Here I pay my insurance and I play for 1500 euros a month. If I come because I want to give everything I have received and to help my club.”

As for his role as a player for the team he part owns, Parker simply said it’s just about making ASVEL better.

“I’m going to be a player like everyone else. I will apply what Peter Vincent (the coach) calls and try to be the best relays possible, as with Vincent Collet for France. I want to show the way young people like Leo Westermann. My arrival can only help.”

Interestingly enough, when asked about whether he has to return to the Spurs immediately after the lockout is over, Parker said he doesn’t know and mentioned that it has been rumored that the lockout will last until January.

“Nobody knows what will happen. I (packed) my luggage for three months and the assurance that I have contracted over the same short period. The rumors in the NBA (is) they will resume in January. Meanwhile I’m here full time with Asvel.”

However, techinally Parker is the boss who will be on the court but that won’t get to his head and is ready to enjoy a bus ride with his new teammates.

“I will be in training, I’ll play the European Cup and all the matches in France. And I’ll take the bus like everyone else.”

Parker went on to state he realizes the team is young and will continue his duties in the front office.