Parker quite certain he’ll miss Basketball World Cup

Fun exercise: Add up San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker's regular season minutes, playoff minutes and international minutes. It's at least 7,517, and that's not including the time he's logged with France. 
Parker addressed his availability in the 2014 World Cup at media day. Suffice to say, he's likely going to take a backseat next offseason.
Via Project Spurs' Michael De Leon: 


The good news: Parker's per minute numbers have gradually increased each season, despite the wear and tear his body is accumulating. The NBA is an exhausting sport, and the San Antonio Spurs require Parker to loop around several screens, oftentimes in the same possession, to generate offense. The Spurs scored 4.9 points per 100 possessions more with Parker on the floor last season, per; their offense, without their primary catalyst, is merely average.
Rest is imperative, to say the least.