Parker: “This is our last chance.”


In an interview with, San Antonio Spurs’ guard Tony Parker spoke about playing for the French national team, the New York Knicks trade rumors, his struggles last season, the Spurs’ last shot at a title and more:

Before that, he will bounce back after a difficult season in San Antonio …

TP: It’s true that I had a lot of small injuries (foot, hand and ankle, ed.). I think it was a sign. My body told me stop because I followed up during all these years with the NBA and the team of France. Since my 14 years I played 11 out of 13 summers.That’s why I decided to rest this time to rebound in the coming years.

For you, this season will be crucial …

TP: This is my last contract year so he’ll have to make a big season. But I do not want to waste my time thinking about these things. When you think about it too much, you’re not performing. I’m going to focus more on the fact that we need to play well with the Spurs. We must again become a headliner, because last year we did not really made a big season (San Antonio was eliminated in the semifinals of the Western Conference, ed.). With new players arrived and the fact that I, Manu (Ginobili) and Tim (Duncan) did not play with our national teams, I hope we will be there right away and we will succeed big season.

You had announced emphatically in New York …

TP: These are rumors. I can not control them. When you have one year contract, everyone will speak. Tony will go here, Tony will go there … I can not do anything against that.

Tiago Splitter can bring to Spurs?

TP: I think it will bring us a lot. It is a very intelligent player. He won titles in Europe, so he knows what it takes to win. Thanks to playing with Tim Duncan, I think it will be less pressure. The pressure will be on Duncan, Ginobili or me. Will be freer to do what he wants and it will be time to learn.

Is this the last adventure for the trio Parker-Ginobili, Duncan?

TP: Yes. Personally, I think this will be our last real chance to win a title. Duncan aging. This is our last chance.

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