Parker: “I wish I can stay in San Antonio, but it’s not in my hands.”


Since the end of the San Antonio Spurs’ 2009-2010 season, Tony Parker has been the subject of many trade rumors involving the San Antonio Spurs.  From the New York Knicks to the Indiana Pacers, it seems Parker could be on his way out of San Antonio if there is any truth to the rumors.

But what does Parker have to say about these rumors?

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports, here is what Parker had to say:

“Everybody keeps telling me, ‘Don’t go, don’t leave,’ ” Parker told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday while preparing to play in Steve Nash’s charity soccer game. “I’m like, ‘It’s not in my hands.’ I don’t decide. I have one more year on my contract, so we’ll see what happens. Obviously because I have one year on my contract I will be in all the rumors. That’s normal.

“Hopefully, I will stay in San Antonio. If not, it’s a business.”

“I’m not nervous at all,” Parker said. “I’ve had great years in San Antonio, so we’ll see what happens. Whatever San Antonio does, I’ll understand. It’s a business.

“I wish I can stay in San Antonio, but it’s not in my hands.”

Should Parker not be a Spur next season, the point-guard duties will fall to Spurs’ guard George Hill.  While he is an up-and-coming player, many Spurs fans feel he is not ready to replace an All-Star like Parker.

Personally, the Spurs should not trade Parker. What he brings to the team is crucial to its success. Familiarity with the players, the coaches, the respect he commands from opposing teams, and much more.