Parker on the Spurs, chances at another title, playing for France, and more


After a fantastic NBA regular season, the San Antonio Spurs were upset in the first round of the NBA playoffs by the hands of the eighth seeded Memphis Grizzlies.

Now with an early start to his summer vacation, Spurs’ Tony Parker, who is currently in France, spoke at a press conference, via

During the press conference, Parker says he is excited to be playing for the French National team this summer but spoke candidly on the Spurs season, the looming NBA lockout, the Spurs chances at another title and more.

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Parker on the Spurs early playoff elimination:

I had time to think. It’s a big disappointment. I spoke again last week with Pop (Gregg Popovich, Ed),we’re all sad and frustrated. Because we made a big season, it dominates, but you lose the first round. There is nothing to say Memphis has played very well. I said early in the season it was perhaps our last chance, that the window was closing, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili were becoming a bit old. There will always be a strong team, but we can not say we play the track. We must be realistic.

On being mentioned in trade rumors:

Yes, the past two years. If they have a player trading, that’s me. After, Pop told me that I’m not going anywhere. But I know that the NBA is a business, you have to be ready for anything. You never know.

On if he was serious about playing in France should there be an NBA lockout:

Let there be no lockout or lockout, I will play for France. I already told Spurs to Pop. I want people to qualify for the Olympics. Based on recent discussions with my agent, there will be locked out in early July, for sure. He is positive, he hopes that does not miss regular-season game. But when you talk with our representative at the Spurs, Matt Bonner, he thinks it’ll be long. The last time there was a lockout in 1999, they were resumed in January. I prepare everything.

I have already spoken with my agent in France, I asked him to start looking for me an apartment. I’m serious, it’s true. I will not play in Bordeaux with Boris Diaw or Spain or Russia. If I play, it will be in France, Asvel. As well enjoy it, my friends can see me play, it might be nice.

On the insurance issue should he play for France:

It’s a big problem. It is also a problem with the France team, because we have many players who play in the NBA. Moreover, we will soon meet with the people of the Federation and the president (Jean-Pierre Siutat, Ed), because the NBA has announced that it will not pay its share. It should perhaps do with Boris and Joakim, we can get together to try to reach an agreement. We’ll see. It’s a big sum, I will not pay. No, it depends on how …