Parker offered a spot on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, talks TV


The TV show Dancing with the Stars has seen its fair share of pro-athletes cut a rug. Evander Holyfield, Jerry Rice and now Ron Artest joined in the act but did San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker pass up on a chance to show off his dancing skills? He sure did.

In an interview with, Parker says he was offered a chance to be on the American and French version of Dancing with the Stars but passed on the opportunity.

They’ve already [approached me] in France and the United States, but for now, I’m not interested.

Now that would have been a site to see. He already tried his hand in the music industry with his rap albums so for him to make a jump to television is not that much of a stretch.

Speaking of TV, Parker spoke on his French cartoon series, and says it’s weird to see his likeness animated but feels it’s honor to have such a show.

It’s weird … but it is also an honor.

But does Parker think his animated-self looks like him?

 No, I’m more handsome (laughs)! 

If you are curious as to which TV shows Parker enjoys, he lists Grey’s Anatomy, Entourage, Dexter, 24, Prison Break, Spartacus, Rome, and The Tudors among his favorite.

And seeing how he has a cartoon show, what were his favorite cartoon he like to watch as a kid?

Knights of the Zodiac, Dragon Ball Z, Nicky Larson … [when I was] 6 to 11 years, every morning, with my brothers, we got up and we watched the cartoons. Then we went to the beach, or we played video games. My mother did not want it too is to do nothing. She took us to the museum or basketball. I trained a lot. We also [allowed] to watch TV at noon, the [F]air [P]rice or Jeopardy.

And in case you were wondering how many TV sets Parker owns, he confesses to owning 14 with over 900 channels.

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