Parker not resting on his laurels, still wants more titles


San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker’s resume is one many NBA players wished they owned. He has three photo: bobrosato.comNBA titles, All-Star appearances, an NBA Finals MVP and this summer picked up a silver-medal at the 2011 EuroBasket.

And for as much as he has done in his professional basketball career, don’t think he will rest on his laurels and bask in all he has accomplished.

In an interview with Yahoo! Sport Deutshland, Parker says he still wants more titles and thinks he can get it done.

I play basketball to win titles. Despite my age and all the trophies I’ve won, I’m hungry for more success. I’m not a guy who sits down at the age of 29 or 30 to retire and rest on his laurels. I want to get the very best possible and win as many titles as possible. I can rest after my career.

This should be sweet music to Spurs fans and the coaching staff. With Tim Duncan in the twilight of his career and Manu Ginobili right behind him, Parker will eventually be the cornerstone of the team for a while.

And with the four-year contract extension the Spurs gave him, I would think the Spurs do enjoy reading he still hasn’t lost the desire to improve and win more titles.

But eventually Parker will also have to face his own basketball mortality. And when he does, he says he will look into basketball management as the next step in his basketball career.

After my playing career I will go into management. The goal is to lead a club.

And Parker is already getting a feel for basketball management. Currently, he is part-owner of French club Asvel-Villeurbanne, the same team he is playing for during the NBA lockout, and this dual-role is perfectly fine for him.

I have to stay in shape on the one hand, and deliver my athletic performance. On the other hand, I care but also many projects that relate to the team, such as the new arena. Besides, I will take care of my basketball camps. There is already a whole lot and a lot of energy. But I can rest when my career is over.

Speaking of the lockout, Parker said all he can do is concentrate on playing for Asvel and doesn’t know if the lockout will end in January or will eventually cancel the entire season. Right now Asvel is playing in the Eurocup and hopes the team becomes the best in Europe.