Parker lists his toughest defensive assignments


A lot of times you get absolutely nothing from players on Twitter.  San Antonio Spurs fans don’t need to look any further than DeJuan Blair’s twitter account if you need proof of that.

But every once in a while you do get some insight in to what a player is thinking, who he likes to play against, etc.  A few days ago, Spurs guard Tony Parker was asked who the toughest point guards in the league to guard are.  You probably won’t be too surprised by his answer.

“A: @ : Toughest point guards @, @ (we’re guessing he means Chris Paul, @CP3), @

I was a little surprised he didn’t put Derrick Rose in this group but it was probably an accidental omission.  The Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook mentions don’t surprise me at all because I can’t imagine anyone thinks they’re not tough to guard.  I also think people forget what a large pain in the ass Deron Williams is to guard for other point guards.  He’s big, he’s pretty fast and he can shoot.  I think Williams has gotten lost in the point guard shuffle because he’s a bit older than all the other big name point guards besides Paul and Nash, plus he isn’t great at any one thing, he’s just really, really good at all of them. 

Call him a bit of a malcontent because of how his stay in Utah ended, but you wouldn’t want to guard Deron Williams if you had to.  It’d be a really tough night for you.