Parker involved in an incident with a fan


With all the trade rumors circulating around San Antonio Spurs’ guard Tony Parker, how about this for a change — Parker was involved in an incident at the San Antonio International Airport.

Seems after some fans approached Parker to request an autograph, Parker refused and a shouting match ensued. The following is from The Express News:

Tony Parker, 28, was reportedly shopping at Simply Books in Terminal 1 around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, when fans approached him wanting autographs, according to a San Antonio Police Department incident report.

Parker refused the requests, the report states, which upset book store employee Courtney Giberson, 24.

“That’s why you guys lost to the Phoenix Suns,” Giberson said to Parker, according to police.

Police said Parker then began to speak loudly and called Giberson a “bitch.”

Giberson reported the incident to a police officer working nearby, who got information from both her and Parker before the Spurs guard said he was late for a Southwest Airlines flight and left.

Talk about fan relations. The fan did hit Parker with a low blow about being swept against the Suns but really Parker? I know he is only human but calling her a bi#$h? Over/under the fan will be cheering for Parker next season?