Parker in New York for labor meeting


Today is a very important day in the NBA. League officials, NBA owners, and players are all in New York trying to find a resolution for the upcoming TPCollective Barganing Agreement on June 30th. Should the league and players union not reach an agreement, the NBA will immeadietly go into a lockout after June 30th. 

According to Brian Mahoney of, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker is now in New York for the labor discussions.

The Spurs’ Tony Parker and the Hawks’ Al Horford are among the stars who joined the union’s executive committee for Tuesday’s talks.

One has to be assuming Parker is there to find out what will happen with international players over the summer. With the FIBA World Championships set to begin on August 30th, Parker and many other international players across the globe are hesitant to play in the games due to the international insurance policy. Should the international players not get a well suited insurance plan, they will have to gamble playing in the games.

Spurs players Manu Ginobili, Parker, and Tiago Splitter are awaiting the ruling of the new CBA to see whether or not they will be insured while playing in the games.