Parker expects Knicks to make deep playoff run


Tony ParkerOn his TP Show on RMC Sport recently, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker took a look out East and commented on the New York Knicks who are on a 13-game winning streak.

While Parker and the Spurs wouldn't have a chance to play the Knicks again unless both teams made it to the playoffs, Parker says he can see the Knicks make a run to the conference finals.

"The Knicks are really in very good shape. When Carmelo Anthony is playing this level, you can go very high. If they continue at this rate without injuries, they can reach the Conference Finals.”

Obviously getting past the Miami Heat would be a tall task for the Knicks before they'd have a chance to reach the Finals, but Parker and the Spurs have plenty to think about before any Finals matchups are made.

Three of their last five games are on the road against teams they could see in the playoffs, including Denver, the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden St, nevermind the fact the the team isn't exactly healthy.

It all starts tonight against a tough Nuggets team that is currently third in the Western Conference.