Parker, Duncan and Gervin on the Lakers and the Heat


While the Los Angeles Lakers are the defending NBA champions, the Miami Heat stole the spotlight in the offseason by adding LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

Some feel Miami might be the team to beat in the upcoming NBA season but don’t tell that to the San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Spurs’ legend George “Iceman” I hated to put this logo on Project SpursGervin.

In an interview with, Parker, Duncan and Gervin weighed in on the Heat and the Lakers and all agreed the Lakers are still the team to beat.

Parker thinks the Heat is an interesting team but the team to beat are the Lakers:

“El Heat es un equipo interesante, pero el rival a vencer son los Lakers”, comentó Tony Parker.

Duncan believes the Heat are not the best team in the NBA and considers Kobe Bryant the most dangerous player in the NBA:

“No creo que Miami sea el mejor equipo; no podría decir en este momento quién es el mejor, pero el jugador más peligroso, sin duda, es Kobe Bryant, lo tiene todo”, destacó, por su parte, Tim Duncan, también de San Antonio.

Gervin feels Bryant can win a game by himself and considers Pau Gasol a great teammate:

“Kobe puede resolver un partido él solo y tiene un gran compañero en Gasol”, declaró ‘The Iceman’, uno de los mejores jugadores de San Antonio.

As much as I hate to agree but the road to the 2011 NBA title does go through the Lakers and not the Heat. They are the champs until defeated.

Aside from Bryant, they have the size with Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom. A tough defender with Ron Artest, veteran leadership with Derek Fisher, added free agents Steve Blake and Matt Barnes to the roster and with no issues of developing chemistry among the core all make for the Lakers to be the team to beat.

However, I’m sure the Spurs will have their say when these two teams meet in the regular season and hopefully in the NBA playoffs.

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