Parker coming back sooner than later?


Seems the regular season is not completely over for Tony Parker. After suffering a broken right hand which has forced him to miss the past 10 games, Parker seems to be recovering faster than expected.  In fact, Coach Pop is saying Parker will be back on the court immediately once he is cleared to play. 

Here are Pop’s comments (via the San Antonio Express News) on Parker and his possible early return to action prior to last night’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

“He can shoot free throws now,” Popovich said before Wednesday’s game. “He can’t catch or dribble. But somewhere around two or three games before the end of the regular season to a couple of games into the playoffs, somewhere in that span, he will get cleared.

“He is healing quickly, according to the docs, so if he gets cleared to play and it’s still the regular season, he will play.”

Personally I say no unless it’s a few games to get him back into game shape. Plus, he has been injury-prone this season, why risk more injury before the playoffs? Also, George Hill has been showing he can fill in nicely at the starting point-guard position.

The long-term benefits outweigh the short-term benefits. A fully healthy Parker is more important heading into the playoffs.

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