Parker almost traded to Portland?


According to HoopsWorld, the San Antonio Spurs had a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers for Tony Parker but the deal died when the Spurs wanted Richard Jefferson involved in the deal:

The San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers nearly completed a blockbuster trade on Wednesday afternoon, but the deal fell apart in the late stages. San Antonio was prepared to ship Tony Parker and the #29 pick to Portland in exchange for Andre Miller, Nicolas Batum and the #21 pick. Other players would have been included in the trade to make salaries work. However, the deal died when the Spurs insisted that Richard Jefferson somehow be included. Since San Antonio’s attempt to add Jefferson, talks have quieted, but they could pick up tomorrow if one of these teams has a change of heart. 

Seems the Spurs are pushing more for Jefferson and his bloated contract in any Parker deal. But as said before, Jefferson’s contract, coupled with his less-than-spectacular play on the court, makes any deal involving him difficult to sell to another team.

If the report is true, had the Spurs traded with Portland, they would have gotten older by adding Miller but Batum would have been a nice addition adding youth and athleticism. Plus the Spurs could have used the 21st pick to possibly select a player such as USC’s Nicola Vucevic.

However, Spurs GM R.C. Buford shot down any reports the team was shopping any players and I spoke to Parker at Steve Nash’s Showdown in Chinatown in New York City and he reiterated his desire to stay in San Antonio and that the Spurs front office has not contacted him regarding any deal.

It would appear a deal involving Parker could be still on the table as the NBA Draft nears.

Thoughts Spurs fans? Think Parker will still be a Spur after the draft tomorrow?


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