Overview on D-League Player Rights, 10-Day Contracts


January 5 marked the beginning of the 10-day contract period in the National Basketball Association.  There may be some questions that fans of the D-League may have concerning the players that happen to get the call to the big leagues and what effect this could have on their respected D-League team.

D-League Digest reached out to a source in the league to get a full understanding of the 10-day contact happenings.

A scenario in the developmental league recently was by the Utah Jazz as they called up Elijah Millsap on a 10-day contract.

First, any NBA D-League team that loses a player to a Call-Up will retain the NBA D-League
rights to that particular player for the duration of his player contract and the following NBA D-League season.

What option does the team that lost a player due to a call-up have?

NBA D-League teams that lose a player to a Call-Up must make a roster move to replace the Call-Up player. For example, the team can move a player from the inactive list or make a waiver claim. The team can also utilize the Available Player Pool.

If a player is returned from a 10-day contract (released by team that issued the contract) before the end of the NBDL season, that player must return back to the D-League team within 48 hours of his release.

If that players team is at the max of 10 players upon the return, they must waive a player to accommodate the player coming back from the 10-day contract.

This will be something to keep in mind as the Austin Spurs head to Santa Cruz to participate in the D-League Showcase, considered the top scouting event for D-League players. With a bevy of talent on the roster including JaMychal Green, Bryce Cotton, Orlando Johnson and others, this could especially come into play.


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