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Well Opening Night is finally here and time to unveil the fourth banner. This is my first of hopefully many live blogs during this season so leave me comments on what you guys think.

    First Quarter
    I liked Timmy’s turn around hook, but Lamarcus Aldridge is on tonight. Nice Jumper Tony!

Spurs 12 Blazers 10 6:25 1st Quarter
The Spurs look like they haven’t missed a beat. Timmy even developed a Free Throw touch. But LaMarcus Aldridge is carrying the Blazers right now with an array of moves on the block and with a jump shot.
Tony looks excellent right now and as I say that Manu hits “Red Rocket” with a behind-the-back dime for a lay-in. Darius Washington, the Spurs new 3rd PG has just Checked in!
End of the 1st Quarter: Spurs 29 Blazers 26
The Spurs are running the ball at them non-stop and Darius Washington looks good as he is pushing the tempo but is providing constant pressure on the Blazers guards on the defensive end. But the Blazers are red hot shooting and thats what has kepth this game close.
Second Quarter
Darius Washington is now being nicknamed DW. DW just dropped off a nice no look dime to Brent Barry for a 3.
Spurs 49 Blazers 37 6:00 2nd Quarter
The Spurs are still Running and Gunning against this young Blazer team. Timmy is looking great right now on both ends of the floor and once again even at the Free Throw line. This young Blazer team is just a little bit over-matched but you can definitely see their potential. Tony also is controlling the tempo very good and Elson has had a couple of spectacular dunks off of some Manu behind the back dimes.
Timeout Spurs- Spurs 55 Blazers 45 2:00 2nd Quarter
I am very impressed with the way Tim is playing right now as he seems he has regained his lost art of being the MVP canidate we all remember from a few seasons ago. But somehow these Blazers are hanging in there with tip ins and put backs. The Spurs have to rebound better.
Halftime- Spurs 59 Blazers 49
The Spurs were very impressive on offense in the first half and I expect them to pull away from the unexpectedly impressive Blazers team
Third Quarter
These Blazers are proving me an idiot right now as they have ome out nd cut the lead to 5. As I say that Timmy found Fab for an easy deuce. Tim defensive board. Boo-yah!!! Mike Finley for 3! Blazers bucket on the other end. Eight point spurs lead.
Timeout Spurs- Spurs 69 Blazers 61 6:20 3rd Quarter
Timmy keeps on being aggresive as he just went 1 for 2 at the line. But Lamacus Aldridge came right back with a jumper to put us at where we are currently at. Spurs up 8. I would like to see the Spurs run again and stretch this lead out and put the Blazers away and stop letting them hang around.
Timeout- Spurs 73 Blazers 69 2:29 3rd Quarter
The Spurs will find themselves in danger of losing this game if they continue to let the Blazers back in the game. We can’t have Elson blowing Dunks and watching Aldridge sprinting and Dunking on the other end.
Blazers cut the lead to 3 but here is Brent Barrry for 3, GOTCHA!!! Spurs up 6. and Brandon Roy comes right back with a 3. DW draws the foul on a baseline drive.
Bonner hits a nice pull up jumper. but wouldn’t you know, Martell Webster comes right back with a 3. Spurs up 2.
Spurs 81 Blazers 77 End of the Third Quarter
The Spurs allowed the blazers back into the game in the thrd quarter by giving up too many open shots and easy lay-ups. I still think they will win this game, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to pull away as I had hoped.
Fourth Quarter
DW gets us started with a HUGE 3 pointer. Spurs up 7.
Martell Webster another 3. Manu with a dunk. Spurs up 6.
Timeout Trailblazers- Spurs 88 Blazers 80 9:35 4th Quarter
Manu forced Nate McMillan’s call of a timeout with his offensive rebound and put back. Lets hope they keep it up and finally pull away. Also, does anyone else find it funny that the TNT guys are talking about Kobe during this game??? I do. It just shows how big of a deal he is I guess.
Steve Blake… BAM! Jumper cuts the lead to six. Aldridge has 23 points tonight (very impressed) and his last two cut the lead to 4. TD off the glass for 2. Lead back to 6.
Duncan follows his own miss for another lay in. Travis Outlaw a missed jumper, Parker skys hgh for the board. Spurs up 8.
Timeout Spurs- Spurs 94 Blazers 89 5:33 4th Quarter
Parker took the lead back up to eight but once again as he has this entire game, Martell Webster hits another 3 to bring us to where we stand now. Spurs up 5.
Bonner for two. Lead is 7. Ginobili with a runner, and again Martell Webster for 2. Lead is 7. Aldridge just posterized Bonner.
Timeout- Spurs 98 Blazers 93 2:25 4th Quarter
Tony just got fouled so its our ball. if we can extend our lead to 7, I think the game is pretty much over as long as Webster is not left wide open any more.
Aldridge for 2. Tony Parker for 2. Parker with a board and pushing the other way and gets a goaltending call. Spurs up 7 with 1:07 left.
Brandon Roy hits one of two free throws to cut the lead to six. Bruce Bowen misses a wide open look, but Timmy is right there again with lay-up that gets a goaltending call. Spurs up 8 with 36.7 seconds to go. This game is in the bag.
Roy fouled going to the basket. He hits one of two but Ginobili loses the ball out of bounds. Roy misses a 3, Parker rebounds and is fouled with 23.3 to go. Ginobili is fouled and will head to the line. Ginobili hits both. WOW!!! Ian Mahimni sighting!!! He is going to get 22 seconds worth of gametime. I bet that helps his maturtion process. Spurs up 106-97. Ginobili steals lob and Finley holds the ball as the clock expires. SPURS WIN!!!!
FINAL SCORE- SPURS 106 Blazers 97
Spurs 1-0
I hope to be doing more live blogging for this season. I enjoyed it very much and would like Thank Michael for the opportunity and I hope yall enjoyed it. Look for my next article this week covering this game and the other news this week. Once again Thank you and Good Night.
” Spurs 1-0. 1 down, 97 games to go before we are crowned Back-to-Back World Champions!!!”

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